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Inventivio GmbH

Inventivio specializes in software innovations. Its mission is to refine innovative ideas into successful software products that touch the lives of many:

Speak-A-Message - A new mode of communication!

Discover a new mode of communication: Our voice reflects our personality and is quicker than our hands. Friends like to hear it again and again. Speak-A-Message brings our voice to the computer, sends voice emails in a snap and provides many new and innovative features based on voice messages. More information..

Numigo.com - Never loose your valuables!

This web-based service inventories your valuables and protects them against loss and theft. Numigo labels - which can be printed for free - mark an items as registered in our online database. When an item is lost, the finder is directed to the numigo.com website where he enters the item's unique registration code. The owner then receives an email message and is also alerted via SMS to the finder. More information..

Help4j - Java development made easy

The largest, most comprehensive source of Java programming knowledge!

Based on more than 10 Million lines of source code, Help4j is the innovative solution which provides tips, clues, examples, utility functions and utility classes to the experienced Java developer. It seamlessly integrates with JavaDoc documentation.

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